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Welcome To La Vita Nuova

La Vita Nuova is a beautiful and authentic farmhouse which dates back to the end of the 19 th century.
The buildings are surrounded by vineyards and have been renovated with care in the original building style of Le Marche to bring it to life again (La Vita Nuova).

The farmhouse
The farmhouse is located in Via San Amico (Morro D’alba), which is known for its tranquility, the lovely, sunflower covered hills and olive trees, as well as the Lacrima and Verdicchio vineyards.
We have a heated swimming pool overlooking the valley.
The farmhouse can be reached very easily.
The Adriatic Sea, shopping centers and Ancona Airport (Falconara) are all within a 15 km (9.5 mi) range.


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Rooms B&B

All rooms and Junior suites are provided with air conditioning and heating, WIFI, satellite TV with channels in English, French, German, Dutch and Italian. Rental DVD’s and reading material, hair dryer, walk-in shower and/or bath tub, toilet and bidet.
Junior suites are on the ground floor with terrace

2 Junior Suite with terrace */- 40m2
1 family room, suited for up to four persons at ground floor level (2 adults and 2 children) with terrace and kitchenette.
1 triple room at the first floor (2 adults and 1 child) with panoramic view.
2 luxury double rooms at the first floor with panoramic view
1 Economy room at the first floor


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Appartment for four people with mezzanine
2 Appartments for two people with terrace


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What do we have to offer you? Heated swimming pool with deck chairs Wine tasting Parking space Laundry service and room service is possible.
You can book a picnic basket, lunch or dinner. Horse riding, rental bikes, rental scooters and water sport facilities are nearby.

How to get there?

There are several ways to reach our domain:
By airplane:
Every week there are several flights from different low cost companies to Ancona Airport (Falconara), where it is possible to rent a car (fly&drive).
By car:
The highway is only 15 km away.
By boat:
Every week there are several ferries coming in at the port of Ancona or Rimini coming from Italy, Greece, Croatia, Tunisia, etc.
By train:
Every day there are several trains stopping at Senigallia station which is only 15 km away.

It is possible to be picked up in one of these places.

Contact us

Make a reservation

    At reservation: advance payment of 30% of the full amount.

    In case of cancellation within 48 hours, the advance will be fully refunded if already paid

    In case of cancellation due to illness or epidemics, the reservation will be moved to a later date up to and including two years later.

    This without additional increases and costs, but also no refund of advances or down payments

    If you do not arrive on the date of reservation, no refund can be demanded of the lost day (s).

    No show, the full amount of the stay is demanded, if already paid, no refund can be demanded.

    Pets are allowed with prior notice and a deposit of 100 € paid in advance. (is automatically added to the account when booking) And a cleaning fee of € 25 per animal.

    In the event of damage, the deposit will be deducted from the actual damage amount according to quotation and then according to invoice.

    Damage to common and non-common parts is always charged per quotation and invoice.

    The region of Marche

    Le Marche is known for its long and varied beaches and bays but also for the beautiful nature in a landscape of sloping hills, covered with sun flowers, vineyards, olive trees and straw-yellow fields.
    There’s something for everyone’s taste: for beach lovers as well as for sport lovers (water sports, biking, walking tours, horse riding, …)
    The Sibillini mountains connect Le Marche with Umbria and Tuscany.
    The Abruzzo region is situated to the south of Le Marche, to the north you will find Emilia-Romagna.
    The Republic of San Marino and San Leo can be reached within one hour.
    The places of interest such as the Parco Nazionale, the Frasassi caves and the historical fortresses form the typical setting of Le Marche.
    The locals (i marchigiani) are honest and warm people.
    Thanks to the quite simple dishes and various specialties from land and sea, you can really call it a culinary region at correct prices.


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